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Today’s Rodeo


Sometimes, this place really and truly is a zoo.   Today, we had to give some of the sheep shots and others  got larger coats, which they need every 3 months.    We didn’t have enough coats the right size and so will order more and 4 still need to be sheared plus the alpacas.    And our ram has decided that at least one girl was missed and he should take care of her.

IMG_4310 IMG_4307 IMG_4303

But look at this heavenly wool.   It is a dream come true and hand spinners love it.  This and the enjoyment we have from watching the sheep make it so worth the little troubles.


Before the rodeo, we had a couple strong helpers out here turning the garden beds, in which we hope to get the potatoes planted this week.   The garden is also getting vermiculite and possibly peat moss this year.   The weather report has sun through Saturday. which is good, as we are a bit behind.  We didn’t use most of these beds last year, so they had two years of growth on the weeds.  That was a huge mistake.   We should have at least covered the beds with mulch.