Daily Archives: March 8, 2016




St Paddy’s pillow/small table topper



This is really pretty simple and I could have made 3 of these blocks and put them together for a table runner.

 I sewed 4– 4″ squares together to see how large I wanted to cut the center then  used my Go cutter medium heart block (3 sizes) for the clover and the smaller heart block for the corners.   I then 2 squares on each side of the clover and  4″ squares for the top row and repeated for the bottom.   I needed it a bit larger so thus the 1″ green border.   It measures 15″ square finished

I made it to use as a pillow, but then didn’t have the right size pillow form.  I need to make one to fit..   Meanwhile, I’ll just use it as a small table topper.   It seems that St Patrick’s Day is so close to Easter this year, it’s a toss up what to display.   I’ll have this out for a couple of weeks while I start putting out spring items.  Or maybe it is time to start making new spring things.  A happy spring table runner sounds like a great idea.    Let’s see how much time I can find.