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Life is throwing curve balls


Today there is only a bit of knitting.   I had to decide which yarn and which pattern, which became overwhelming and I just went with basic simple socks.   I can work on them this month when I can’t do other things.

Since I woke at 2.30 this morning and didn’t get back to sleep for 3 hours, when I did, I overslept.   But that was only the start.   We went to the doctor an hour away, had a burrito  at Whole Foods and then I decided to check out 30/10 weight loss.    I have seen what it has done for others.   So I did the interview and decided that the program isn’t one with which I’d be happy.  There  has to be a better way to lose a few pounds.   Tomorrow starts a new month, perhaps that’s a good time to start.  I do know the less sleep I get, the more I tend to snack.

We made a couple more stops and came home in time to put the animals to bed.   Why does being in the car a good share of the day, wear a person out?  The weather was so beautiful one should be rested.

And next week promises another curve.   I will be having cataract surgery on eye #1 on Tuesday, April 5th  and two weeks later the other eye.  The doctor promises I will see better and that colors will be brighter.   That’s interesting, because I think they are bright now.  April will not be a boring month.