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Under the sea


My sewing studio has learned to reproduce.    I have no idea from where this kit came.   It appears that somewhere in my distant past, I must have purchased it, but when and why, I have no idea.   It turned up in a box of projects I want to make someday.    When it will get finished is a question, but it has been started and so will be a project in the making this week.   I’m not ready to call it a ufo.

IMG_4132It starts with having to overlap two fabrics a bit and then cut a wavy line where they meet.   Take the two fabrics and now put right sides together.   Some of mine were a bit to wavy and more difficult to match the edges and stitch.   There are 5 more fish to add to the scene.

I’m still debating on whether yesterday’s project is finished or not.   I’m thinking of taking the border off and making it 3″, which would make the pillow top 17″ and then would fit a 16″ pillow form.   No decision yet, but these ideas hit me in the middle of the night when I’m sleeping.