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Seed starting


Finally, I’m getting around to starting seeds.  I am out of bell pepper and cauliflower seeds, so will get those this week.    But I did start a tray of marigolds and a try of alyssum plus cilantro, nasturtiums, heirloom tomatoes, endive, romaine, little gem lettuce, broccoli, celery water cress, red and white cabbage, beets, kale, cress, and Chinese cabbage.  Radishes and carrots need to be started in the ground in which they will grow.  Peas and potatoes are hoping to get into the outside garden on Friday.   As soon as the seedlings get about an inch high, they will be moved to give them more room.

IMG_4235We went to the feed store today to get a couple of these feeding troughs for the sheep.   We needed two troughs instead of the little dishes we had been using.   There are actually two in this photo with sheep surrounding each.   This is a much easier way to give them their grain.   Below are some photos of the babies.  They didn’t want to come in tonight – too fun in the sun.