Daily Archives: March 11, 2016




Just tired

IMG_4135After gym this morning, I came home and unloaded 12 bags of sand at 50# each.  No, I did not lift and carry each of them, but used the wheel barrow to get them where I needed them.   When the muscles aren’t enough, one has to get inventive.

IMG_4136Then there were these 4 bags of peat moss which each weigh about 50#.

IMG_4137Then I had 10 yards of playground chips delivered because the ground was so muddy that we were sinking in it, somewhat like quick sand.   We have hard pan about 18″ down and this is a low spot, so water has no where to go.

IMG_4140While I was having my gym training this morning, I mentioned to my trainer that I had ordered all these chips and did she have extra time.   She did and came when I called to tell her the chips had arrived.   Without her speedy help, this area would only be about 1/4 done.

IMG_4143We also put it down the length on the left side.   We used about 7 of the 10 yards and have a bit left for when this gets worked in and muddy and have to add more.   We covered it with a tarp.

Then the sheep arrived and that was a bit of fun as they didn’t want to get out of the trailer.   It was  all new to them.   Finally, they were encouraged to get out and we put all the animals in for the night.   No sheep pictures as I was so tired by then that I totally didn’t think about it.     I will get some this week

We came in , had a light supper and each had a loooong  soak in the tub.    Our muscles aren’t used to that much physical work.

I am so glad it’s time for Sabbath.    It will be a joy to rest.