Daily Archives: March 13, 2016




An interesting day


IMG_4145Yesterday morning, I thought spring might be on the way.    Today, it definitely is not.



IMG_4220Here are 3 sheep photos.   This last one you can see one of the dogs with the big fluffy tail.   It appeared they rounded the sheep up and were counting them.    Of course, we don’t really know what was happening, except they touched noses, then the sheep wandered off to eat.

IMG_4222This has been a big project.  (I did hire help).  The boxes were moved a bit this winter and another trellis was built.   Then we had lost so much soil because over time as one pulls weeds or food out, a bit of soil comes out.    So we used 6 bales of peat moss, 18 bags of sand and 3.5 bales of perlite to fill all the boxes again.   This time the dirt is only on the bottom, so hopefully we won’t have the weed problem and the food will come out cleaner.   It’s the Mittleider method if you are interested.    So tomorrow, I absolutely  MUST start the veggies seeds so they can be transplanted and I also need to get this fertilized and thoroughly watered this week.  I’m a bit late, but the forecast is for freezing nights every night this week and rain through Wednesday.  Then if the forecast is correct we’ll get 3 days of sun or partial sun, then more rain.

We lost power for a couple hours today, so I did get a chance to sit and knit in front of the fireplace which was lovely.  The wind and rain were vicious.