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Purple sleeves

First I want to share a funny with you.   Remember I’m laughing with you, so you can’t laugh at me, only with me.   The instructions for these sweater sleeves is as follows:    “increase 1 stitch each end of needle every following fourth row to 37 sts .  Continue even for 5.5 ins 14 cm total length. , end with a purl row.”

Now I thought that didn’t make a lot of sense, but like other times, when I don’t totally understand, I blindly follow instructions.   Ok, I did here as well   At the end of 37 stitches I had 5.5 inches.   Then I continue on aiming for a total of 14 inches.   About 8″ I decided this just did not make any sense at all.   These sleeves will be so very long.   I read again, re read again, and must have re read the instructions five or six times before I realized they switched telling me from inches to centimeters.   Then I played the frog game (rip-it) Has this happened to any of you or am I alone?

DSC00117 purple sweater sleeves

Sleeves are now done and I’m ready to knit the hood, then put the sweater together and put the front button and button on it.

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