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Sew Fun October infomercial

Today’s Sew Fun leader, Lee Fleek, spent a fair amount of time on stenciling and stamping which I haven’t delved into as yet, so I don’t have much to report on that except,  if that is something you are interested in, there are a number of new products on the market.  Here a couple items she showed.   This book she liked and below that is a really cute table setting she put on some fabric as well as a portfolio she made.

DSC00095 printing

DSC00083 stencil

These snowflake hangings are from the CD “Snowflakes 2″put out by Purely Gates

DSC00090 snowflakes 5

They  were designed to be used with or without mylar and can be used in so many ways.

DSC00094 snowflake 6

DSC00089 snowflakes 4

DSC00087 snowflakes 3

From this CD which has all the designs to make this quilt,

DSC00093 Imaginary day 2

she made this stunning quilt.  She said it was the first quilt she completed and the instructions were so good, that it was easy to do.   It is all programmed in the pattern.

DSC00084 quilt

Fiskers has produced some new shears for cutting very thick fabrics and another for cutting heavy items like metals.

DSC00091 Amplify scissors

And who can resist an owl?    Aren’t they cute?

DSC00081 pursey the owl

DSC00080 owls

Other items not photographed included some charms, bodkins, Pleather scraps for purse handles etc. yo yo maker, rhinestone setter,  and a few table runner patterns.

And that, my friends, is your infomercial for this month, which I hope you enjoyed.