Daily Archives: October 2, 2014




100 Pillowcases

All 100 pillowcases for children’s hospital are finished.   I tucked the last threads in tonight after this photo.   These are the last 15 that I finished today.    Because it takes me this long, I know to start early.   I like to get them to the hospital by Thanksgiving and we still have purple hats to do.

P1020345 last pillowcases

Now I will treat  myself to making something totally different, work on the quilts, start a new pair of socks, do some spinning,  or maybe I should put the gardens to bed first.

I did work in the greenhouse for two hours today.  I’m thinking I would like to make several spots bare, then add slug bait and fertilizer and put cardboard over that  to keep the weeds down so it will be all ready to go in early spring.  It would be so wonderful to just lift whatever cardboard that hasn’t disintegrated and start planting.  However I’m still in the thinking process on that.