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Baby hats

  Since I finished several projects lately and just didn’t have energy to start something big again, I’ll just be posting small stuff for awhile.   Today, we went truck shopping without purchasing one.

I came home,  took some patterns off the table and looked through them for the next socks.  I found a pattern, but not the right yarn, so put all this back and went to the sewing room to find a project

DSC00001 what to tackle next

I took this bolt of purple fleece off the shelf

DSC00003  purple fleece

cut it into 10″ strips

DSC00004 cut in strips

and cut each strip into 4 pieces for the hats.    I have 104 cut out.   I’m open to offers to help sew them up.   I have until Thanksgiving, so they will get done,, not just now.