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6 Fleece blankets

Canning is done except for the applesauce and the apples aren’t yet picked, so not a rush there.  It was time to start cleaning the kitchen and put away those canning kettles, etc.   That took longer than I thought it should, but now it is done.  A few other household tasks kept me from the sewing room until this afternoon.

Yesterday, my daughter and her husband came over to “hang out”.   He helped by repairing a hole in the dog fence and she helped me with the pile of flannel that was growing here.   So we cut and put aside to be sewn this week 7 flannel blankets and she folded all the remnants 36″ or less.  Once again all the flannels fit on a shelf – on no – that is two shelves because we also took down some fleece on the other shelf which I readied for the street mission.  Now there are no more piles of flannel in odd places.  That feels good.

First I want to show those of you who haven’t seen yet become acquainted with a rotary pinking shears which works just like the scissors type, but much faster.   And yes, they are sharp.

DSC00057 rotary pink sheers

So I pinked the two blue baby blankets and serged the two football toddler blankets and the two plaid adult blankets.   They won’t keep anyone toasty through the long winter nights, but they will be nice to snuggle with when the weather isn’t too bad.   And when the weather gets cold, it will be nice to have an extra layer.

DSC00059 6 fleece charity blankets

PS   If this is something interesting to you, JoAnn’s has a 60% sale or maybe more the day after Thanksgiving – plus another 20% off if you are  there very early in the morning.   This is when I purchase my fleece and flannels for gifting.   It actually makes it affordable!.