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Winter prepping

I just couldn’t put it off any longer.  The large tomatoes which were on this side had pretty much quit producing, so it was time to chop that forest out of there.   I had let them go without pruning the last part of the summer and some of those vines were a good 12′ and more long, working themselves into the next tomatoes.   So it was a big mess to remove.   But gone, they are.  Next week, I’ll finish cleaning out this box, add some slug bait,  and cover it with cardboard for the winter.

DSC00016 greenhouse cleaning

There is plenty to do to get ready for the cold and wet season.   This is the building where the animals spend the night.  The alpacas use the shed on the left with open doors.  The sheep go into the left side of the building behind the feeder, and the chickens go inside the door on the right side of the building.   Their is also a human door between the sheep and the chicken building.   The human door goes into a small room that holds feed etc., then into the chicken house where they spend the night.   The sheep area wraps all the way around the chicken house and is enclosed in fencing with plastic on the outside, which helps keep them shielded from the weather.

DSC00014 night bldgs

Today, we finished putting brown tarp over the front/outdoor part of the chicken area, so that they (including turkeys, ducks, and geese who do not go inside the house) can all eat in a dry area and spend the night there as well.

DSC00015 covered roof

I’d love to here about some of your winter weather projects.  Just use the comments section.