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It’s October!

Another month is here and that means I need to evaluate last month’s goals and set new ones for this month.

We went for a long drive today since it was so beautiful  and checked out fall scenery.    Yes, the leaves have started to change color and drop.

Another month means that much closer to the holiday times and I don’t want to be “last minute sewing”.   Today it was suggested I make 4 stockings to hang by the fireplace and was left on my own with that.   I’ll have to figure out how tall to make them, what design etc.

I did start another quilt.   Here I have the sashing piece on the blocks.

P1020337 quilt 3 step 2 done

This is how I do the side pieces.   I sew the piece that will become the cornerstones to the sashing piece.

P1020338 step 4 sew cornerstones

After pressing, I pull out my June Tailer cutting guide,

P1020339 ruler

line it up and cut in the proper grooves.   This makes it so much eaiser to cut a straight line.

P1020342 actual cutting

Now the next time I get sewing time, I will sew  the side sashing and cornerstone all as one piece, which makes my life easier.P1020343 ready to sew