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Purple baby hats started

Lots of happenings today.   I worked in the greenhouse a bit, loaded 9 trays of pears to dehydrate,  went and picked up chicken and alpaca/sheep grain and had an opportunity to sew.  It was a good day.

  I know I’m calling these purple and they really are, but since I dropped that camera, it wants everything to be blue.   I tried using my new cheap camera and found that I was already out of battery.   Hopefully next time, you can really see the color.

I had cut out of fleece 100 little hats a few days ago and they were begging to be sewn.    So I took a cut out  (for newborn 14″ width x 10″ high)

P1020371 14 x 10

folded it in  half so it was 7 x 10 and sewed a 1/2″ seam

P1020372 sew 12 seam

Then I put that seam in the center and sewed across the top

P1020373 sew across top

Next is the only fussy part.   Bring the two top points together and zigzag them in place

P1020375 points tog

Turn right side out and your little hat is done.

P1020374 finished

At this point it still doesn’t look like much, but see how cute it is when it is when the lower edge is rolled up.

P1020376 rolled up

And here are the first 50 which DH turned right side out to help me.

P1020370 50 hats