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A busy day

For those of you who are quilters, I’m just passing on the information that Pam Bono and husband, Robert have passed away.


The morning started rather slowly, but we did get the raspberries mostly pruned back.   They still need weeding and better wire as what is there is just too flimsy.   Also,  there are many shoots in the aisle ways to move.  Here’s a photo of one little fellow who was enjoying the raspberry bushes.

P1020348 little green frog

P1020350 raspberry shearing

Ah, yes, and there is some morning glory trying to hide in the berry bushes, that must be totally eliminated.

This afternoon we went to pick up the Packham pears and red potatoes.   I think we’ve plenty of food now to get through the winter.   I will be dehydrating most of these pears.   It makes a good substitution for candy along with the dehydrated bananas.

P1020357 Packham pears n potatoes