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Sabbath day’s rest

The day started out a bit rainy this morning so we decided a fire would be a good thing.   We had breakfast and then enjoyed the fire while we rested and read.     Then the sun came out for a bit, but it was still cool.   It was a great day for resting and reading and eating.

Here the animals are all waiting for me to get down there and let them into their night abodes.   I think they knew winds and rain were just around the corner.  The chickens, ducks and geese are put in first.


Then it’s time for the sheep.   See , all but one has a fabric winter coat to keep the hay out of their coats.   I still need to order for the one missing a coat.   Because the wool continues to grow, each will need a larger coat every 3 months or so.


And last of all the alpacas are given a bit of grain in their building where they like to stay out of the rain, but with the doors open.


See how these chickens blend with the fallen maple leaves


and look again at how much the bantam baby has grown in a couple months