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Knitter’s gifts body done

It rained nearly all day today.   That’s good, the earth is dry so needs some water.   The forecast is the same for the next 10 days;  that should take care of filling our pond.   It’s a good day to bake, but this body doesn’t need extra goodies.

DSC00115 rain

Rain like this makes for a great day to enjoy a fire and that’s exactly what we did.   I did some knitting on the little sweater, but didn’t get enough to show.  Even Kiwi was enjoying the added warmth.

 DSC00113 fire

So I came to the sewing studio and finished the body of “Knitter’s Gifts” by Denise Russart.   She creates such fun patterns.  Next month she will tell us how to do the fancy borders.

DSC00116 quilters gifts inside