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Sheep mob; haircuts; Sparkle in Pink and White quilt


In order to get the sheep to respond better, I was advised to take a chair and some treats and sit with them.   Bad idea – sheep mob!    They know me as the food bucket.   They have no fear of me, but would rather not have a halter put on, so choose not to let me put it on them.   They don’t know others who come and there is that “stranger danger” mind-set that takes over.

After some other chores, we decided it was time for haircuts.   He wants his cut monthly, but it had been a few years since I’d had mine cut.   So now it’s considerably shorter.

I can now share this test quilt that I made.   Bears was a fabric from mother’s small collection.  I really had no idea what to do with the fabric until this “Sparkle in pink and white” pattern by Valerie Le Pont, came along and it worked quite well in this form.  The flimsy finished at 46 x 57. and is very easy.   It is offered by The Quilt Pattern Magazine this month.