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Photo memories

This morning, I felt like I needed some time to pull life back together, so I went through my photo memories on my phone.   It was fun to go back and see what has happened in the last 3.5 years.  There were quilts, sewing projects, a wedding, birthdays, lunches with family, grandsons riding the small tractor – wonderful memories.   Remember these ducks from just a few weeks ago?  They are nearly grown already.

I realized when going through the photos how much I miss all the sewing.   So I started this paper pieced cardinal.   Then life interrupted, I went to the post office, made lunch – you know the sort of things we do.

I decided to bite the bullet and start mending sheep coats.  Some of them, I’m not sure what to do, because they need more mending than original coat.   However, the lesser fatalities that are off the sheep have been mended.  Some of these got caught in rose bushes, some rips are just from them rubbing on something sharp to scratch their itch.