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Long weekend adventures

Bracken enjoys watching the chickens (or anything else that will move) as close as she can.   She does her best to stare them into moving.  She loves watching, always ready for a signal to round “it” up.


The weekend contained much miscommunication.   I was to go to Pasco or Walla Walla to get some sheep on Sunday night or early Monday morning.   It was that indefinite.  I was waiting for a phone to tell me when and if I could go to Pasco instead.  What I got was a call early Saturday morning stating that the sheep were on their way and would need to be picked up in Walla Walla at 4.30.   This was totally off my radar.   They were coming from eastern Montana and had to be picked up as the driver was staying with someone in the city.  I had a truck ready for Sunday, but not for Saturday.

A quick phone call to Mary – who has to be the most wonderful friend in the world.  She has a canopy truck, and her answer was, “sure, what time do we leave.”  We left at noon and went to Pasco, adding in an hour to see my aunt and cousin (left).   On the way, we finally connected with the driver as opposed to his mother and grandmother, both of whom had given us different time and place directions.  He ran into a lot of road construction in Montana so was 2 hours late.

At my cousins, we shared lots of hugs, she gave me a box of iris, and we looked at the map to see if we could meet him closer to home.   So, two hours later, we met at the fairgrounds farther north and transferred the sheep.   Oh, by now, my phone was dead and Mary’s charger didn’t want to charge it.  So she took the sheep photos, which are on her camera, and we headed home.  Now we have traversed from NW Washington state to SE in the state, to due north for the meet up and now went straight west and a bit south at the end to get home at 10.30.  We certainly saw a lot of the state that day!

After unloaded and securing the sheep, we were all tired.   These sheep were ranch sheep with the pedigrees we wanted, but not handled much, so are a bit wild now.

I started a stir fry and then realized, I needed something from the refrigerator, so took the fry pan off the stove, set it on a potholder, got the item from the refrigerator and put the pan back on the stove.   What I didn’t realize was thepotholder stuck to the bottom of the pan as I put it back on the burner.  I realized it when smoke started filling the air.   It was a big mess to clean off the glass top of the stove, but the food was fine.  The pot holder had been made from 100% cotton and had a special batting for hot items, so did not catch fire.   For that I was grateful.     So between resting from sightseeing around the state, and trying to catch the house on fire, I’ve been busy.

Oh, yes, and through a visit to the chiropractor in the long weekend.  It is NEVER boring here.   I need to get out to the hoop house and manage some plants that have also gone wild.