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Chasing my tail

 Today was spent “chasing my tail” and waiting.   I dislike very much when someone makes an appointment with you and then keeps pushing it back and finally 4 hours later you get together to do what you need to do together.   It wastes so much time, because not knowing when she will be there, you can’t really start anything.

However, we did start organizing the fleeces, marking which ones still need to be gone through and which ones are ready to advertise.   The ready ones are now on a rack like in the back and I’ll start going through the others this week.

To make my time more valuable because there will be less of it, I had to tell the young man who sometimes helps me, that I can’t afford stand around time.  So either I try to find someone else for a day a week or try to get it done myself, or leave it undone.  Unfortunately, weeds still grow – even when it’s dry.   Stalls still need cleaning.

I used 3 very large zucchini making this zucchini soup and have 4.5 quarts made so will put 2/3rd into the freezer for an appointment day.   I’ll just take it out in the morning and it will thawed in time for dinner.  It really is a very simple recipe.   I used three large, seeded zucchini, 3 red bell peppers, onion, celery and water to cook the veggies.   Then I made a “cheese” sauce to blend into it, seasoned it and done.  And even better, those huge zucchini that got away from me are used.