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Winter hat finished, Heart Dr.

My winter hat is finished and a welcome addition to my wardrobe.   I have enough yarn left to make a band to go over my ears when I don’t need a hat.


This morning we went to the heart Dr.   The news was very good.   DH elected not to have a stent put in last year and the doctor was surprised that he hadn’t had any pain in that time.   He told us that 95% of the people that he recommends having a stent ended up having to have one within two months.  But DH is in the 5% that didn’t need it.   We credit it with having changed his diet, but the Dr. wasn’t interested in that.  So we will continue the way we are eating and enjoying the results.   Dr. did remove one medicine from the list and cut a second one in half.   If nothing changes, he will remove the second one from the list.   That is all good news.   We do have a Divine Physician who designed our bodies.  We are trying to follow His ways and are thankful for each day He gives us.