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Website; shots; new chicks



 These three beautiful Cormo sheep received their introductory shots and worming today,  Now that they are getting used to the new place, they have really calmed down.  We would have trimmed the feet as well, but somehow the shears didn’t get returned to their place.

I found someone for a one time cleaning of the stalls.   Now we will see if things have calmed down enough for me to keep up.

This morning I again worked on my Website class, and at last  I was able to turn in my first draft.   The teacher will look it over, make suggestions and I will make corrections before going live.   However, she is emphasizing, that perfection is not our goal.   We will continue to make modifications as long as we have it, so just get it up and let people see it.   I have more photo to take, but they will come gradually.  And the site will be mobile, as sheep come and go, and I learn new things.

Now, because I don’t have enough to do (just kidding), we purchased a dozen new chicks.  The real story is the flies are so bad, I need them big enough to eat fly larvae in the spring.   I don’t remember seeing chicks for sale in the farm stores before this late in the .summer, but apparently they are sold for fly control as well as egg laying.  So until they become big enough to go to the barn – meaning they don’t need additional heat – they are in the studio.  Fortunately they grow rapidly.

Isn’t it interesting that because I bought a few sheep to keep me moving so I would wear out instead of rust out, I now have dogs, chicks and am learning how to build a website and studying sheep genetics.    Who knew?   This body was built  to move and the brain was built to keep learning, and so it goes.