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New wagon; exterminator

The wheelbarrow needs work, and it was suggested I get a wagon for what I am doing.   So off to Tractor Supply, we went and purchased a wagon kit, which then had to be put together.   My choice was to come back several hours later or put it together myself.  Since it takes half an hour to get to the store and the box said it only takes 15 minutes to put it together, I opted to take it home and put it together.





The box said it takes 15 minutes to put together.   What it didn’t say was that one also needed super human strength or the right tools to tighten the bolts.   So my neighbor came over after work tonight and did that for me.

Now I have a little wagon that holds 800# and will tip to dump.  I want to be able to haul the debris from stalls to the compost pile and dump it out.  It is also molded plastic so will be very easy to clean.




Yellow jackets, paper wasps, and bald-faced hornets have been especially prolific this year, so I gave up and called the exterminator.  They have little nests up in near the roof and have started nesting under the siding.  But no more.   They are gone!  I won’t miss them a bit and will be able to use the deck once more.