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Winter beanie; ducks, grapes, and sheep

Winter Beanie

I found this Rowan tweed in my small stash of skeins.   I doubt that I purchased it, but I don’t know from where it came.  There are two balls of it and one is enough to make a beanie.   Since it is hot, that’s my latest project.  I have no pattern yet.  I cast 100 stitches on size 6 needles and am doing a flap of 4″, then will decide if I want to get fancy or not.   I may just do a stockinette stitch since I plant to wear it to work with the animals when it gets cold.


Just look how much these ducks have grown in a mere 3 weeks.   Last year the baby ducks all drowned.  It turns out that infant ducks don’t have the oil in the feathers to keep from drowning for 2-3 weeks.  This year, our son has been giving them a lot of attention and has gradually been giving them deeper water.   They have enough oil on their feathers and are very good at swimming, so he doesn’t have to worry about them, but now he has become quite fond of them.


While someone wasn’t watching, the grapes grew right through the top of the netting.   No use cutting them back now.   We will wait until they die back and next year have a better plan.


It’s just too hot to do much besides lie in the shade, so other than coming in to eat, most of the day is spent lying in the shade chewing cud.