Stronger than you think!

I would urge each of you to view this film.   As some of you know, I was badly injured in 2002.   So much of this film brings that back.   But more than that, I think it helps someone who is “on the outside” help understand the person going through these issues.

the film will be available to watch for free from Wednesday, February 8, until Friday, February 17.

You Are Stronger Than You Think is the story of my fight for my (JJ Virgin)  son’s life and my own future. It’s also proof that a strong, positive outlook can help you face and conquer life’s greatest challenges. Things change when you start expecting miracles.

Feel free to share the movie with anyone else you know who’s facing a challenge or working to grow personally or professionally. We’re all in this together! Just send them to this link: http://miraclemindset.com/register/


2 Responses

  1. Sally Walter says:

    Great message!! I just wish they had sense of who God is and had developed that, too. Obviously, their reality is based on staying positive, being filled with hope, and setting high goals to work towards and that prayer is positive energy that somehow generates more strength and healing. This movie should make Christians realize we have so much more than they did to draw on in the spiritual realm to conquer negativity and find direction and motivation to pursue healing and a new growth. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I finally had time to watch this – and wow! What an incredible story! We don’t realize that a lot of our thoughts and reactions are based on our decisions as we move forward. Positive thinking DOES motivate us a lot. BUT, I agree with Sally. They alluded to prayer a few times, but our faith, and God working in and through us, gives us SO much more than just thinking good things. I’ve seen miracles that have happened directly because of prayer and people stepping out in faith!