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Scrap play; car trouble


Scrap play:   This is the box of green scraps after I’ve used the scraps to make these 4 placemats.  The lid fits easily, but there are enough scraps left to make another 25-30 placemats.

IMG_0089I made the 4 placemats 14 x 19 and have the binding ready to put on them as well.   After they are quilted, each will get a green shamrock in the corner.

Car Trouble:

IMG_0087xI know that some of you mothers who read this blog will enjoy this photo.   Dear son thought the snow would be nearly non-existent as it usually is when forecast.   However, he opted to park by the barn under a tree – just in case – so he wouldn’t have to deal with the hill.   Note:  The tree is bare.   You see two sets of tires.   DH had snow tires put on before Christmas just in case.  The tires are usually kept under the deck.   DS realized his mistake in not having the studded tires put on and grabbed the first set of tires, dragged them up to where his car was parked, got a tire off the car and realized that the tires he had dragged up there were his father’s normal tires.   Back to get the studded tires, he went.  He dragged them up there and mounted them.   Then tried to get out.   He did get to the paved road, but the snow was too high for the car to go over.   He came back home very tired and vowing to get the tires changed before Christmas next year.   Now just to make things really good, all this happened on his 50th birthday.  Maybe the birthday was just too exciting to think clearly.   But I did enjoy a good laugh.