Daily Archives: February 13, 2017




Chinese coins, Churn dash quilts

The Chinese coins quilt is cut out now and partially sewn.  It is so wet here and the church wants quilts for the homeless, but how do they stay dry?  And how do they clean them when they get filthy?   Does anyone know or do they just throw them away and ask for more?

The Churn Dash for a young child is also now cut out.   I will probably use fleece on the back of this one.    All I need now is time to piece these two quilts together, and then time to quilt them and to bind them.   So easily said and not so easily done.

I did go to the gym this morning and will have my steps in for today.  And in the middle of the day, we took the time to have lunch with our youngest daughter, but other than that and chores, it has been a studio filled day.