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Quilt found plus shopping day


IMG_0070I started this cute little wall hanging last fall and then it disappeared.   I looked everywhere I could think of and didn’t find it.   Last weekend when I was rearranging in the studio, I found it had slipped between two stacks of drawers.   So now it is all together, but only held with a thin layer of glue.  I need to applique all the pieces on and quilt it.   That will happen in my free time because this little quilt didn’t even get found in time to put on my ufo list – though it belongs there.

Today was run around day after gym.   I went to Nordstrom’s rack to return a shirt I purchased before Christmas and found the black pull over shirt (with long sleeve) that I like for 5.00 a piece.  They had 2 of them left, so both came home with me.   Then off to the hardware store for an idea of how to feed the sheep salt in a way they won’t spill/waste so much of it.   I failed on that score, so went to Fred Meyer to do minimum grocery shopping.    Late this afternoon, I picked up chicken I had ordered to feed the dogs.   So the day was complete and now I am ready to enjoy the Sabbath.   Tomorrow we will have company and Sunday we will again have company, so it will be a wonderful weekend.