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New month – new projects

IMG_0066sAs today started a new month, I was more than ready to start new projects.   This is an embroidery project that I have had on my “to do” list for several years now.  It is to be a wall hanging designed by Anita Goodesign that I’m planning to get done next week.

I also started a rather large handbag, but I’m not far enough on that to take a photo of anything but fabric.


As you know, I made a list of ufos at the beginning of the year.   I wasn’t the only one, there are many of us.  Different groups, at times, have fun with getting some of these projects done.  Judy over at Patchwork times has chosen #9 on our list of projects to complete.   I have only about 5 blocks done on that one, so it will take most of the month to get it done.  I need to decide how big I want it and what other colors I’ll be using in it.   It should help to eat up some of the overwhelming scrap pile.

Then there is the WA state group and they have chosen #7 which is on my list is 4 paper pieced placemats.   I want to make 4 and have only started the first one.   A friend gave me the book and  I’d planned to get them made many years ago.    This is the month to get them done.   I thought I had a photo, but I’ll post one when I get the first one done.

Are you working on finishing up any projects?