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Sock progress 2/16/17

Today I made good progress on “Bronwynn’s Mock Cable Socks”.  I printed this pattern off the internet in 2005 and the site no longer is working.  They were very easy to knit and the heel turn did not take much thinking.

I used this yarn which I purchased in Australia about 10 years ago.   So both socks and yarn have had time to age.   However, this is 100% wool yarn which is not as good for socks as if it has some nylon in it.  Because this is a heavier yarn, I used #3 needles with 48 stitches.

This is made by several companies specifically to strengthen heels and toes.   I used this darker color as it was what I had on hand.   So if you look at the heel on these socks, you will see that I carried this yarn along for strength.  Mending is not my favorite option and the bit of color difference won’t matter, since they are either worn at home or with shoes.