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Churn dash finish; sleeping bags

Today was a relaxed morning.  I skipped  gym and didn’t do my steps, however, we did deliver the sleeping bags to the church, went to the grocery store, and relaxed a bit before noon.

I tried something new today, which was using fleece on the back of this quilt.   It is very cuddly which I’m hoping makes up for the “issues” I had.   It quilted beautifully, but I must have stretched the fleece, so it doesn’t lie flat.  Another factor was that I wanted to do it freehand which is not something I’m good at.   I like how that part turned out, but it distracted me to the point that I didn’t keep all the quilt tension bars at the proper tension.  So this also affected the overall look.    I’m going to put it through a wash and see if that relaxes it more together.   I am pleased with most of it and I think the soft cuddly”ness” of it will override the beginner look.  I’m always learning, but I also see where I’ve made progress.