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Finished: Stars a heart, homeless folks


This little 36″ star  quilt, Little Bits “Double star Duo is a paper pieced pattern by Cindi Edgerton with a print date of 2003 on the instructions.   It is now waiting to be washed and gifted.  It was cut out, who knows when, but sewing started just before Christmas, so once I pulled it out, it went quickly.   It is a perfect size for a new baby or a table topper.

The Heart:

This is the heart I purchased the pattern and supplies for several years ago to make for my mil.  She has been gone awhile, but since I had the ingredients, I wanted to make it.   I started it Jan 2, this year and it is now finished and I can check it off my list.   My friend, Mary, helped me with the roses and leaves.   I am pleased with the results.

Homeless folk:

Now about the homeless men and the quilts.   I got several responses to my questions yesterday and some great advise.   As you know quilts are not inexpensive in either materials or time.   Sally send me the following information:

“there is a project called Ugly Quilts.  They make homeless quilts but I don’t advocate their method unless you really want to use any and all recyclable fabric objects.  They are adamant the quilts should be ugly so they don’t get stolen (and possibly sold for cash at a pawn shop).


Our group in WW, made nicer quilts but out of any sturdy fabric.  They liked that old polyester double knit and I took boxes and boxes of the stuff to them.  They used thicker batting than what you probably quilt with but the quilts were turned and tied.  They might have used the inexpensive sheets for backing.  We do for our Survivor Quilts and get them at Fred Meyer when they are on sale for 3.99 for the single size, perfect for the 60 by 80 inch quilts we make.  They are poly-cotton and tough but not so bad to tie through.  This is a survivor top:

She was then kind enough to send me the page for the sale that Walmart is having on sleeping bags for under $10 each.   So I purchased some of them to give the church.   When I talked to the church secretary, she told me they have some regulars and there were some that probably would sell them to get what they wanted.   So for $10.00, I think this will help them and save a lot of lovely fabric from being wasted.   We do want to help, but sometimes it’s difficult to see what that help looks like.