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Snow, snow, snow; little sewing

IMG_0081IMG_0084IMG_0085Snow is rare in the Pacific Northwest





And when we got up, there was 7.5″ of it!  So we made our way through it to feed the livestock while thinking what a challenge this must be for those in areas where snow is common.  While we gingerly picked our way through it, these two thought we had bought them a whole new playground.  As the internet was down, we watched snow.


I did get this put together, although, I still need to cut all the threads between the words and finish off the back.

I have misplaced a piece of fabric and a project that I wanted to get to the flimsy state this month.   I have looked where I KNEW they were and they have gotten up and changed places.   So tomorrow, there may be a big hunt.


2 Responses

  1. Sally Walter says:

    Well, it was your turn! We didn’t get any this time. Enjoy, if you can and don’t travel unless it is necessary!

  2. Donna says:

    When I used to live in western WA, I don’t recall ever getting much snow; but, we did get ice. I live in central WA now and we get snow every year. The most I’ve seen in one day was 18 inches. That was November 1996. Yesterday, I woke up to an additional 8 inches on top of what was already there.

    I know that snow can bring things nearly to a halt west of the Cascades; but, here, it seems that the snow doesn’t stop anything. The school district has only had to cancel classes once, so far and that was because of ice.