First pair of socks finished in 2017!

We had about 1/2″ of snow when I awoke this morning.   So no rush in getting around.   I finished these Br0nwynn’s  Mock Cable socks.   They were made with Paton’s Fireside 5 ply 100% wool, which is why the nylon reinforced heel and toe and on size 3 needles which made them go faster.   That means I

actually finished February socks in February!    I did find the free pattern in Ravelry.   It won’t let me copy and paste the page address  so just look for Bronwynn’s Mock Cable Socks by Shawn Morris. .   I didn’t realize the name was not the name of the creator.   So any of you interested can get it there.

Then I finished setting up Quicken for all our accounts.   I used to keep it up to date, but DH took over paying the bills and doesn’t like to bother.   So the compromise is I take care of Quicken and he pays the bills.   It makes it so much easier when you have to pull numbers together for a project or for taxes.

4 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing that sock pattern! I’ve added it to my library.
    I hear you about the bill-paying and bookkeeping – it’s an issue here too…
    AND, I’m still waiting for snow – we’ve been setting record high temps here for the past 3 days – it should be around 28°F, and it’s actually been around 62°F! The buds on our trees are ready to open, and spring plants are popping through the ground. It’s supposed to be colder this weekend, but we still only have a slight chance of snow mixed with rain.

  2. Ann says:

    well done on the socks!

  3. jatshaw says:

    Very nice! Great idea to reinforce the heels.

  4. Dar in MO says:

    Love your socks. Thanks for the info of the pattern. I’ve printed a copy for my future knitting.