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Churn dash; and a surprise!

Churn dash:

This churn dash flimsy is finished because several of you were kind enough to give me suggestions to help this quilt be more acceptable.   Thank you so very much for the suggestions.   Here are the added embroideries.

Look at what a difference they made and also the borders.   Sometimes, it’s just hard to see where to go, when you get surprises like all the white it had.  That’s when it is so great to have friends like you.  I’m happy with it now.    Mary came over today and we spent the day playing with this and catching up on life.   I love her visits!


I had given up on this Cormo ewe getting  pregnant – she didn’t last year – and she sure didn’t look like she had put on weight.   But yesterday morning when she didn’t show up to eat, I went looking for her and this little girl was just learning to stand.   She is so cute and precious!  Under the mud the back leg is white.   I am delighted with this surprise.

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  1. That top looks SO much better with the embroidered white squares! And the narrow yellow border? Absolutely perfect!
    And congratulations to the new mum and her little girl! We’re thinking that we’ll be lambing in the next few weeks too.