Churn Dash near flimsy stage; yardage report for 2/17/16

Churn Dash almost flimsy

OK, I am in trouble this time.  I didn’t map this out and didn’t realize how much white there would be.   And I didn’t calculate yardage so I am out of the dark blue with the little bears.  But I did have enough with small scraps left.   So I think I will just use a plain dark blue to match the dark blue in the quilt as a border.   But what am I going to do with all that white space?   I need suggestions here.  There are 15 squares and 6 big diamonds.

Weekly yardage report for 2/17/17:

Used this Week:   Feb 10              5.875  yards

Used this Month (Feb)                 10.875 yards

Used year to Date                          36.875 yards


4 Responses

  1. Is the problem with the white spaces a quilting problem, or keeping the quilt clean?
    I like the idea of a plain dark blue border. I’m glad that you managed to get all your churn dash pieces cut out!

  2. Donna says:

    If you want to minimize the white, is it possible to cover the white areas up with another color that coordinates with the rest of the quilt? It might not be necessary to cover the white up completely, though. Maybe you could put a smaller square on the larger white squares so that there would be a white border around the smaller square.

  3. Shauna T says:

    On the white spaces they really pop on the quilt, but if you are worried about them getting dirty, you might applique something on top of them.

  4. Valerie says:

    The plain blue will look fine! In the white spaces: hearts? A different design in each triangle? It’s a good opportunity!