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Ram, Ram – Destruction day ends


Ram, Ram!  Do you know why a male sheep is called a “ram”.   The above photo should give you a good idea.   One would think their heads are made of steel.   If the shepherd is not very careful, the ram could see him/her as competition and injure or even kill the shepherd.   Astro and his girls have been moved to a different pasture without buildings and with lots of hot wire.   They will have to sleep under the cedars either until he is out of rut or until I sell him, depending on my patience.


More ram?   Yes, the quilting machine must have had communication with the above ram.   It practiced ramming on this fabric.   There must have been a tiny spot where the foot was able to get under the fabric at an intersection.


I am fortunate.   I took the piece and the quilting out to this point.   These are small pieces and it took me awhile to get the quilting out and will take time to put a new piece in by hand.  Since I don’t want to move it, it is something I will do to save this quilt.   Some people have quilting machines rip their fabric at places not as easily repaired.   This type of thing makes me want to roll my eyes, when someone says “but don’t you quilt by computer?”.    Yes, I do, but I still am right there.   This could have been much more major if I hadn’t been.  A computer driven machine just means there is more work involved because first it has to be programmed and then watched to make sure it behaves.