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WA State Fair review


I enjoy going to the WA state fair and am always reminded of the times we went as a 4H family.  At various time, the children showed their goats, Jersey calves and a horse.  I also had a booth selling hedgehogs about 20 years ago.    We  enjoyed our times there.   We spent today at the fair walking and reminiscing.


But we did not eat the “good” fair food, though we were tempted.

img_5327aThey parked the sheep in the furthest barn.   So we did a LOT of walking.   It turns out the sheep I’m getting in October are offspring of this shepherdess’ flock.   I was asking about the sheep wool on some of the sheep she had there when I learned that she is breeding for qualities I am seeking.

img_5329aThese little cuties were in the outside children’s area of the petting zoo.  The children have rides that take them through a “farm”.

img_5325a I love what this woman has done with flying geese.  No, I will not be doing one anytime soon, but I did enjoy seeing it.

Of course it wouldn’t have been complete without checking out the old and new merchants.   We did our part, we looked, but just didn’t find a need to spend money.  I must mention a booth there selling sugar gliders that the people were calling sugar bearsThe glider came with a very adequate cage, instructions and a helpful hotline.  At the price being charged they will go to homes that really want them.