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September declutter

IMG_5194Today in serger foot class we practiced with the elastic foot both putting elastic on


and putting on  a wire edge which would most likely be used on ribbon.


Then we used our bead foot for beads and


ribbons, yarn, or whatever would go through the machine for a pretty edge.  The classes are fun with only 4 of us and  the teacher having time to show us extra uses.

We are starting the first day of a new month and the first day of the last third of the year.   It has once again come to my attention that we are not promised tomorrow.   And I wish to leave areas that are easy for someone else to step into and take care of the disposal of items – or at least not leave them a mess.  When hospitalized for 3 months several years ago, I was running a business and was very organized.   Others were able to step in and dissolve the business.   When Mother had to move to an assisted living, we were able to easily clean out the house.   So it is possible.   My goal for this month is to declutter and organize the sewing room and at least one other room.  I usually keep like things in the same area which really helps.   How about you – Do you have a room that could use attention?   Would you like to join me?