Daily Archives: September 18, 2016




Achieved goals for the day, and a quilt sew along



Goal #1:  The hoop house is nearly weeded (one more aisle to go)  and lettuce has been planted for the next round.   Most of the spent plants are out.   It looks almost bare.   But the big sweet potato plants are trying to make up for all that


Goal #2. Then we tackled the job of moving sheep into different groups so the girls would get bred with the guys we chose.   Fortunately the ram Shetland sheep have horns which help us to be able to grab them.     So my helper made a door in the fence and a divider between the two sides of the night area, and we separated Zillow and put him in with Juliette (a Quessant sheep) and her daughters.   The new Shetland sheep coming will go in with them.   Then new ram, Stormy,  will go into the area where Zillow was.   Oh happy day, no one will be breeding his relatives.   There are still the three Cormos which DH would like me to sell.   I will put that on my must do list.   Such a toss up caused by breeding time!

Then moving on, I found a sew along project to share with you.     It is a bear patch quilt in 4 different sizes from SEW FRESH QUILTS.   I’ll be making mine in the crib size which is 47 x 47″.   The page (click the red word) is for the introduction and fabric selection.  The bear paws are half square triangles which means they will be easy.   Yes, I will be making it – just a matter of when I can get started.



Goal #3:  The next quilt is now mounted and waiting for me to quilt.

Your turn:   I have a question for you.    I started the blog to encourage myself to get more done.   I find now that I’d really like to be more help and encouragement to you?   Would you like to be able to make a list of what you plan to accomplish this week/month?   Would you like more information on how I do something – anything related to homesteading would be in this list?  Or do we need an exercise encouragement or weight or what?   I really need your imput into this to be able to have a better blog and not waste your time.    Maybe I can find out how to make a poll.   Does anyone of you readers know how to do that?   Have a good day and we’ll meet again soon.