Daily Archives: September 5, 2016



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It’s the first full week in September and time to get back to some things we didn’t take time for during the summer.   So off we trotted to the gym for a good workout.   I tried to pace myself as I really don’t enjoy being sore.    However, I am not one to get more energy from going to the gym, in fact, I think it wears me out.


After lunch, I worked on my 9 patch and surprised myself by getting the quilting done.  It has this school backing that you see on the right.   I’m not sure what I want to use for binding.  I’ll let it set a day or two and see what it tells me.  It measures 52 x 52 which is perfect for a lap quilt.

By the way the Dreamweaver went this morning to a male neighbor who is having chemo right now.