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Little inconveniences

img_5268Sometimes it doesn’t pay to try to get something done when you’re in a hurry.   I put the binding on one side and was going to get this side done to have something to show you.   Well I do have something to show you, but not a finished quilt.   The loops are on the back, so two sides were done, before I discovered this.  Tomorrow, I will try again.

img_5265Here is the gang coming to get me to come feed everyone.   They often show up half an hour early and let me know it is TIME.

Speaking of time, are you having trouble with things taking up the time you want to do something.    Today was gym – totally on the schedule, and then a Dr. check back for DH.  Well, the doctor is new and decided to go through all the history for the last 20 years.  When was the last time you had an hour and a half with your doctor?   However, most of the news was good, a couple things to be followed up.   So now the schedule is off because most Dr. appointments are 10-15 minutes.   The attorney called and wants a paper initialed.  No problem, the day is killed anyway.   At least we had the dolmas ready for lunch and as they and the salad are eaten cold, that was good.   Not so good is that I took the sourdough starter out and it is still waiting for me to make some bread, so after this, I will go do that.

And the hoophouse – it has fewer weeds, but is only about 1/3rd weeded – and they are all small weeds.  As soon as it cools down a bit, we will put in the lettuce for the winter.  The apples that I was going to make into applesauce tomorrow are still on the tree.   So tomorrow’s goals are to finish weeding the hoophouse, make bread, pick apples, and finish the quilt.   The apples will wait a bit to become sauce.  Who of you think this will all get done?  Or will some other exciting interruption happen.      I do love the days when I can really get into a project and I’ll probably have more of those days when I get old, so no rush.