System shutdown

IMG_5168These are something new that I found interesting.   There were 30 little bulblets in the package and are now planted in the hoophouse.   Many will be transplanted outside in the spring as they have to be planted a foot apart.

My laptop and the chainsaw weren’t working yesterday so we took both in to have looked at and with minor adjustments, both work now.   And since we were out at noon, we made a stop at Panera’s for lunch.   Out of the last 5 times I have been there, 4 have had mistakes in my order.   No wonder I don’t eat there often.   Yes, they fix them, but it is inconvenient.

When we came home, I collapsed, my body wouldn’t go any farther, so I listened and napped.


This afternoon, I watched a webinar with Lindee G on applique and am hoping tomorrow I will feel refreshed.   Does your body ever just quit on you?

3 Responses

  1. Ewalda says:

    I think everyone has their body just quit on some days. And, you are very active and work very hard. Also do some beautiful quilts.

  2. jatshaw says:

    Sounds to me like you deserved a rest after such a busy morning! Glad you took some time off.

    • sharon says:

      Thank you. There is so much to do that I feel a bit guilty, but if I don’t listen to the body, I don’t get anything done anyway. I’m glad others have run into this. I certainly don’t remember it from when I really had a lot of work when the kids were small and demanded lots of attention. But then I had more energy as well.