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Tidying up

IMG_5049There always seem to be so many odds and ends that don’t take a lot of time after one gets “to it”   I picked about 3 cups of raspberries this morning.  We are between the first and second crop.

IMG_5047We brought in 2 boxes of potatoes about 3 weeks ago, so I sorted them today for any bad ones.   We probably have about 3 times this many more to dig and bring in.   I’m just procrastinating, hoping they will last longer through the winter.

Then it was off to get a part for an older serger and some wood for shelves – which we could not get because the saw wasn’t working at Lowe’s yet.   We came home and worked cleaning weeds and watering the greenhouse and before we knew it, we were out of energy and it was suppertime.  Some days are like this.