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New items for the kitchen

IMG_5190Look what came today!.   A tofu press and instructions on how to make it.   Whole wheat sour dough starter and yogurt starter for vegan yogurt.   Now I will need to find the time to use these items.


The neighbor gave me apples for immediate use which made 10 pints of applesauce.   I picked another 11 pounds and there are 3 trees left with apples to pick.   But if the apples are in good shape, I’ll wait a bit to make the sauce.   And there is one jar of pickles because that is all the little cukes off the vines so far.

I cooked up a bunch of potatoes from last weeks harvest, but they need to dry out a bit, they were just too gummy or maybe that’s just one of the types that were planted.   They will make good mashed potatoes.

I have this feeling that I am procrastinating quilting the flimsies I’ve made.   I keep putting them off for what seems like good reasons.   I really must talk to myself about this.