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Quilting class and garden

IMG_5082We were each given a sample pack of quilting stabilizers and batting when we arrived for class.

These were some of the quilts hanging on the wall and laying across the table – all created by Alex Anderson of quilting fame.   And yes, we were allowed to touch them to see how soft they were using these products.  This is a whole new line of quilting products by R & K distribution specifically to make quilting easier.    There was so much information that the best way for me to give it to you is to give you their website where they describe each of the products and how to use them.   I was impressed with how soft the appliques were especially as that is one area, I’ve have had trouble getting the softness I wanted when I use a fusible product.   The glue in these products wash out when your done, so the stiffness is gone.    Go to:       http://www.quiltersselect.com/video-gallery.php.   There is also a list of times where you can attend seminars on-line for free.     Some of these products can be used with the creative cutting machines.

IMG_5064I thought you might like to see how the personal sized cantaloupe are doing.   There are about 20 of them now.  These 3 are about softball size but not ready to pick just yet.

IMG_5078The peppers are coming along nicely, but none have colored up yet.   And most of what I planted were the orange and red.

IMG_5080This is my first try at sweet potatoes.   Can you see where I lifted the leaves back?   They are trying to take over the aisle and they are getting tall as well.   However, when I reached around one of them by the stem, I don’t detect any underground potatoes.   Should I?   Have any of you ever grown them?   I don’t know if I’m just wasting fertilizer and water and time or if they will actually give me some potatoes.