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Lemon Squeeze jacket and shelves

IMG_5133Shelves have been replaced, so now I can load them up with jars again.   That fiberboard just doesn’t hold them.   I have been to Lowe’s several times to get this wood cut, but their saw has been down.  I get them to cut the right size and then I can put them in myself.

IMG_5134I am drying the parsley I picked Friday and decided to freeze the kale.  I just freeze it whole and when frozen, it is so easy to crumble off the stems.   Then it is easy to add to various dishes.


When Lacey gets too hot, she splashes this water all over herself.   She does not enjoy this hot weather.  Beau’s coat is so different and it doesn’t bother him at all.IMG_5161This is the Lemon Squeeze jacket I showed you earlier.   I finally threaded the serger and sewed this up.   It still needs to be hemmed, but it is all in one piece.

DH spent most of the day watering.   The ground is extremely dry and we are not expecting rain until school starts.   Traditionally it rains some of the first week of school.

Summer’s coming to an end, so enjoy what is left of it.