One day in the kitchen

IMG_5023Yes, it took the whole day.   I baked 18 medium loaves of no oil, vegan, zucchini bread and grated enough zucchini to fill 6 containers with 8 cups each to make a cream soup throughout the winter.   Each package will make enough soup for 2-3 meals.   And the recipe is so good!    If you want the recipe, just ask and I’ll be happy to share.

IMG_5024Look at the size of these beets.   They are huge!    Tomorrow I will tackle them and can both plain and pickled beets.   Does anyone have a wonderful pickled beet recipe.   I looked up on the internet and many are recommending freezing them.  I’ve not tried that and the freezer is getting full now.   Only the larger beets were pulled so I’m hoping the rest of the beets can be pulled as we need them during the winter.

2 Responses

  1. Debby says:

    I’d like you’re referenced cream soup recipe with the zucchini please.

    • sharon says:

      This is a variation from “Five Loaves Cookbook” by Neva Brackett
      This is a soup, so can be varied without hurting the results.
      About 8 cups of shredded zucchini – med to large fruit,
      1 very large potato
      2-3 stalks celery
      l large onion
      2 T chicken style seasoning
      1 teas summer savory
      salt to taste
      4 cups of water.
      Bring to boil and simmer until all is soft.
      While that is cooking, blend
      1 large well cooked potato
      2 cups water
      1/2 cup cashews
      1 teas garlic posed
      1/2 teas salt
      Blend well. When zucchini mix is tender, add this to
      the mix and head until very hot, but do NOT let boil.
      Depending on your definition of “large” can make about 3 quarts.